Eli M. Black was having a bad day. His company, United Brands Company, was crippled with debt and had recently gotten into hot water with the SEC. Black had tried bribing Honduran President Oswaldo López Arellano with $1.25 million, and he was now facing serious repercussions.

Worried about government fines and possible jail time, Black went up to the Pan Am Building’s 44th floor, broke the glass on his quarter-inch thick office window, and jumped out.

That was February 3, 1975.

In 1978, the United Brands Company investigation closed. U.S. District Court Judge William Connor, fined the business $15,000.


Question: What’s worse than waking up at 3 AM and stepping, barefoot, into a puddle of your own diarrhea?

Answer: Waking up at 3 AM and stepping, barefoot, into a puddle of your neighbor’s diarrhea.

This happened to me while staying at an Airbnb once. A pipe burst in the upstairs neighbor’s bathroom, and brown sewage water leaked through the ceiling and onto my floor.

Obviously gross for me, but also a huge headache for the property owner who had to file an insurance claim and repair the damage.

This leads into today’s topic: House hacking.

For those unfamiliar with…

In the 1991, being popular online was associated with being a creep or “mom’s basement” type weirdo. In 2021, “Internet Celebrity” is associated with fast cars, beautiful women, and lavish parties.

People think of content creators today the way rockstars were viewed in the 1980’s.

Because of this, you’ve probably thought about starting an online business of some type. Today’s article looks at two platforms, YouTube and Medium, with an in-depth dive into what advantages (and disadvantages) each site has.

YouTube Pros

YouTube is a platform that needs no introduction. It’s the second most visited website in the world, with over 500…

Today’s article discusses the healthcare REIT sector. This is an asset class that is currently out of favor, offering high dividend yields and a defensive moat.

Healthcare REITs are publically traded real estate investment trusts that own medically related properties. Places like doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and assisted living centers.

Many of these REITs have seen their share prices drop in the past week or so, because of pandemic fears. And I want to use this article to discuss why healthcare real estate might be a good investment. Especially if negative sentiment continues.

Essential, Wide-Moat Businesses

Many healthcare services had to stay open…

1932 was a bad year. The Great Depression destroyed countless economies, and millions of families were financially ruined. However, one small Austrian town used this crisis as an opportunity to try something radical. And what they did not only saved the community, but allowed it to thrive amidst the chaos.

Worgl is a small Austrian town. In 1931, there were 4,500 residents. 1,500 of whom were unemployed.

At the same time, Worgl had several town projects that the mayor wanted to accomplish. Unfortunately, there were no funds to put the people back to work or improve the local infrastructure.


Monk mode is a popular self-improvement technique where you cut out all distractions and focus entirely on achieving some personal goal. This means no going out and no goofing off.

Nothing wrong with this in general, but monk mode’s biggest audience are people who absolutely should not be doing this.

Allow me to explain.

Self-improvement often appeals to people with low self-esteem, or those who’ve recognized some deficiency in their lives.

That’s perfectly fine.

Realizing there’s a problem and trying to fix it is awesome, and it’s something most people never have the courage to do. …

There’s an old Jerry Seinfeld interview where Seinfeld is talking to Howard Stern. During their discussion, Seinfeld mentions that he doesn’t invest his money anywhere. This might sound weird, or like a bad financial decision. Until you remember that Jerry Seinfeld owns one of the greatest assets in television history, his show.

According to this Boss Hunting article:

One of the earlier syndication deals circa 1998 was worth US$1.7 billion. Seinfeld’s share was US$255 million straight off the bat. While the details surrounding the deals previous to and after the aforementioned US$1.7 billion transaction have never been fully outlined, we…

Today’s article examines two Brazilian stocks. I’ve been visiting the country for about a month now, and wanted to share a few local investment ideas that you might find interesting.

Stock #1: COPEL ($ELP)

Investing is about accumulating assets that provide you with passive income. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can only buy stocks or crypto currencies, either.

In fact, this month I have no plans on buying any specific equities.

Historically speaking, September is one of the choppiest months in the market. According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, this is a time when the three major indexes all preform their worst.

Because of this, I’m waiting to see what goes on sale.

Instead of a normal list of stocks, today’s article looks three low-cost investments with potentially massive returns. …

I recently saw a YouTube video entitled You Will Never Retire, Here’s Why…, from the channel “How Money Works.” It was an interesting piece that laid out several reasons that most people will never get ahead in the modern age.

The video highlights issues like:

  • High cost of living
  • Overpriced stock market
  • Future lack of technological / economical growth

You can watch the whole argument below if you want, and it is definitely an interesting video:

That said, there is a lot of recent content (across many different platforms) proclaiming that everybody will be forced to work forever or…

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