You can’t live off dividends.

That’s a popular belief right now. And from an immediate standpoint, it makes sense.

If you have $1 million and dump all of it into the Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF right now, you’ll only earn about $29,700 per year. That’s just above the U.S…

Millionaires don’t buy farmland. Billionaires do.

You’ve probably seen stories about Bill Gates becoming the largest private farm owner in America. But he’s not the only ultra-wealthy person doing this.

Thomas Peterffy (another billionaire) is buying farms too.

Insurance company John Hancock also invests in farmland.

In fact, John Hancock…

Everything old is new again.

With crypto enjoying its massive bull run, a lot of people are excited about the prospect of becoming location independent Bitcoin HODLers.

You can go to the beach or sip espresso while your coins and tokens provide passive income through staking or masternodes. Cool stuff…

Stocks took a tumble during September and early October. While there were many reasons behind this, one major fact was the debt ceiling. The United States had to lift its borrowing limits, or else face default.

Defaulting on debt would lead to some serious problems, as evident by a 2013…

Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, Detective Chimp, Congorilla, Beppo The Super Monkey. These are just some of D.C. Comics many primate characters.

Why does D.C. have so many monkeys?

Because, in the 1950’s a D.C. editor noticed that comics featuring gorillas on their covers tended to sell better. …

Sad NoCoiner

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